Play and learn with UCLG Memory card game on the SDGs and local action

UCLG Memory Card Game

The new UCLG memory card game was designed to inspire local action while familiarizing participants with the 17 goals. All images present local solutions to global challenges that guarantee the stimulation of knowledge sharing and learning. However, the practices showcased in the game are just examples of the many actions taking place at local level; local, regional and global knowledge can be enriched by the sharing of more practices that participants may think of

Stop considering the city as a space of consumption and turn it into a space for exchange, co-creation and learning”

The Bogota Commitment

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a set of 17 universal objectives that constitute the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. All SDGs have targets that link to the daily work at local and regional level. Local and regional governments are implementers of the agenda, but they are also policy makers, catalysts of change and the level of government best-placed to link the global goals with local communities.

In this process of “localizing the SDGs” we acknowledge the importance of learning. We strongly believe that any agenda that is not rooted and exemplified in the realities of each territory will not be sustainable in the long term. To provide practical solutions to global challenges, local and regional leaders and their communities must learn from each other constantly.

The UCLG Learning Agenda enhances learning by facilitating ad-hoc platforms, sharing policies and working on common challenges. Connect and tell us your story at and