Register now to Metropolis Annual Meeting: Live the City

Between next May 18 and 21, Live the City will be the first Metropolis Annual Meeting where on-the-ground experiences will be the focus and starting point for discussions about the major cities we want for the future. Registrations are already open!

Lately Buenos Aires has been facing a comprehensive development process, becoming a green, inclusive and innovative city, where citizen participation is an essential factor in local management. In 2015, the Government of the City of Buenos Aires wishes to share its experience particularly with METROPOLIS members and stakeholders.

Inclusion, Innovation and Sustainability will be the strategic thrusts of the event, which will put a special emphasis on real-life experiences will enable participants to get out onto the streets and obtain an integrated vision of urban management and will be able to relate what they have experienced with their own local contexts.

The event program will also include the METROPOLIS statutory meetings. To check all the information on this Metropolis Annual Meeting, visit the website dedicated to the event

 Click here to register until Monday, May 11, 2015,