The Right to the City for Women: Joint declaration by the Mayors of Mexico City, Montreal and Barcelona on Women's Day

The UCLG Committee on Social Inclusion, Participatory Democracy and Human Rights of UCLG publishes, on the occasion of Women's Day, a joint declaration by the mayors of Mexico City, Montreal and Barcelona:

The Right to the City for Women

« The protection and defence of women’s rights remain a major issue in our society. In recent years, discussions on the right to equality have gained visibility in the public debate and recognition of the place of women in our societies has also increased.

Yet, gender inequalities continue to profoundly impact our cities in areas such as poverty, division of labour, domestic violence, vulnerability in the public sphere or limits in democratic participation. 

As elected women at the head of big cities, we are proud to continue the fight for women’s rights recognition started by previous generations. Inspired by our experiences as women and our personal convictions, we intend to help build a transformative vision of our cities. We want our cities to progress so that they become more just, inclusive, democratic and welcoming to all our fellow citizens.

In making decisions that guide our public policies, we have a daily impact in women’s rights in our territories. Indeed, gender inequalities are reflected in one’s (in)ability to access the goods and services, including public services. It is our responsibility to act together to achieve substantive equality and to encourage women’s active participation in local social, economic, political and cultural life.

We are concerned about women’s place in the spheres of professional and economic development, as well as in regards to their access to basic services and housing, the place they hold in urban planning or safety in urban transportation.

The progress made in recent years has been made possible thanks to the solidarity of many mayors around the world, as well as through the dialogue and alliance between local authorities and civil society.

United Cities and Governments (UCLG) and its Committee on Social Inclusion, Participatory Democracy and Human Rights will soon launch a campaign to promote the right to the city for women. We invite you to join the cause to enhance women’s rights in cities. »

Claudia Sheinbaum (Head of Government of Mexico City), Valérie Plante (Mayor of Montréal) and Ada Colau(Mayor of Barcelona)