In Soria, Spanish and Moroccan Governments meet at the initiative of mayors to address the future of Intermediary Cities

ThinkEurope bilateral

The “Think Europe: Commitment 2030” summit, taking place in Soria (Spain) from 16-18 of January 2019, provides a space to reaffirm local governments’ commitment to the 2030 Agenda, and for reflecting around the necessary cooperation between spheres of government at the European level to achieve greater territorial and social cohesion.

In this regard, Minister of Territorial Policies and Public Service Meritxell Batet from the Spanish Government, and Minister of Territorial Planning Abdelahad Fassi Fihri from the Moroccan Government discussed cooperation between countries at a bilateral meeting convened by UCLG and FEMP. The meeting was attended by Mayor Mohamed Sefiani of Chefchaouen and host Carlos Martínez, mayor of Soria.

Ministers and Mayors discussed the role of intermediary cities in development, and explored possibilities for further cooperation and continued dialogue between national and local governments from both countries.

The three delegations - Spanish, Moroccan, and local governments- agreed on the need to put intermediary cities at the centre of planning and develop a crosscutting strategy of intermediary cities. They further called to harness the potential of the Think Europe summit to engage in conversations between mayors of intermediary cities.  

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