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Posters competition #UCLG10years

In May 2004, mayors and political leaders from all over the world came together in Paris for the Founding Congress of the World Organization of United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG).  Ten years later, UCLG continues to represent and defend all types of local and regional governments on the world stage.  To celebrate this decade of work, the World Organization, headquartered in Barcelona, will launch a poster competition aiming to reflect the achievements of the past ten years.  

2014 is a special date for United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) as it marks ten years since the main organizations of local and regional governments took the decision to create the first World Organization aiming to be the united voice of local and regional governments at global level.

The idea to create a new global organization of local and regional governments stemmed from the United Nations Conference on Human Settlements in Istanbul in 1996 (Habitat II), a moment in which international recognition was given to the importance of decentralization and the reinforcement of local authorities. 

In view of this, during the World Assembly of Cities and Local Authorities (WACLA) in Istanbul, participants called for international organizations of local governments to strengthen their coordination and create the basis for a unified world organization.  

From this point forward, the existing organizations of sub-national governments, the International Union of Local Authorities (IULA) and the United Towns Organisations (UTO), worked together to create United Cities and Local Governments.  In May 2001, the Joint Congress of IULA-UTO took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and resulted in the formal decision to unite the two organizations.  3 years later, UCLG was born. 


The idea is to represent two key dates for local and regional governments in one image: the Centenary of the International Municipal Movement that took place in 2013, together with the celebration of the 10th anniversary of UCLG in 2014. UCLG is bringing together these two celebrations because the Organization is the direct inheritor of the International municipal movement, uniting the main associations of local and regional governments from all corners of the world, into one organization.  

The celebration of our first decade symbolizes the decisive steps made by local and regional government at global level to conquer new international spaces in an increasingly urban world. The chosen poster, which should include the slogan ‘100 years of action, 10 years of unity’, should represent the road travelled so far with views of a new horizon. It should symbolize social change, and the challenges and opportunities that are felt in the world’s streets.

The winning poster will be the image of the commemoration of this anniversary throughout 2014.

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Posters competition #UCLG10years