Thanks to supporters worldwide for taking action in Urban October!

On 31st October, which will see the celebration of the first #WorldCitiesDay and the end of Urban October, UCLG calls upon its members and partners to mobilize and raise awareness about the transformative potential of urbanization. With the first steps of the Habitat III Conference preparations already taken and the negotiation of the Sustainable Development Goals well underway, local and regional governments underline that ruralurban linkages, the engagement of cities and partnerships with citizens will be key for the success of a universal agenda. ​

Urban October has been a time for local and regional governments to advocate for Sustainable Development Goal number 11: "Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable". It has been 31 days of raising awareness on the fact that an urban SDG would involve civil society, communities and local and regional governments, as well as ensuring their full involvement and ownership in the new development agenda.

During Urban October, UCLG and its partners have received support from local and regional leaders, academics, experts and other partners for their initiative #UrbanSDG selfie campaign. Participants shared a selfie with the message “I support an UrbanSDG”.

The local and regional governments’ campaign for an Urban SDG complements the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network’s (UNSDN) initiative, “Why the world needs an urban sustainable development goal”. The UNSDN initiative is supported by key partners of the Global Taskforce of Local and Regional Governments (GTF), such as UN-Habitat, Cities Alliance and ICLEI.

UCLG, facilitating the work of the GTF, is collecting statements of support from local and regional governments and their associations for a stand-alone urban goal. Nearly 300 forms signed by mayors, governors and their associations, and civil society partners calling for an Urban SDG to be included in the new development agenda were presented to the UN Secretary General in December 2013.

World Cities Day is the culmination of Urban October, however, with important global agendas in the process of being defined, UCLG, our members and partners will continue to mobilize and raise awareness on the transformative potential of urbanization and the significant role that well-managed cities with strong institutions accountable to citizens can play in a sustainable future for all.

Remember that Goal 11 is not about further urbanization, but about ensuring a territorial approach where cities can be a catalyst of wellbeing, service provision hubs and a cradle of innovation and sustainability. A resilient, inclusive and safe human settlement in a rural-urban continuum is what this goal should help us to achieve!   

Thank you for adding your voice and supporting the #UrbanSDG. Together, we can make an even greater impact. Help us to reach this goal and carry on the campaign until September 2015. Join the campaign! It’s easy! Let’s show our commitment to contribute to the sustainable development agenda and Habitat III.  

There is more you can do right now:

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