UCLG Africa invites experts to register on database for consultancy services

The Pan African organization of local government United Cities and Local Governments of Africa (UCLG Africa) is calling on experts in various disciplines. 

Experts on local governance are invited to register in order to fulfil the following purposes: 

- To create a reference database of African experts in the field of local governance for the UCLG Africa;

- To enable the UCLG Africa, when necessary and appropriate, to make direct Calls to Tender for certain works to relevant experts; and

- To enable the UCLG Africa, when requested by local governments, their national associations; and development partners to provide information on available experts to support their initiatives / projects as they may demand.

The experts’ backgrounds must be relevant to the programme focus areas of UCLG Africa, which are, in short, as stated in UCLG Africa’s overall development programme: ‘Governance, Advocacy and Decentralised Development Programme for Africa-GADDEPA’ (Can be accessed integrally here): 

  • Advocacy and lobbying;
  • Corporate learning and knowledge management; and
  • Institutional capacity development.

Hence, this Call and Invitation to register is being made within the context of the GADDEPA programme for individuals, consortiums and consultancy firms willing to be called upon to submit tenders for consideration under competitive bidding to undertake studies, research and/or specific works as may be required by the UCLG Africa in carrying out its mandates in the Africa. 

Therefore, respondents to this call for registration are requested to provide the following information by completing the online registration form in English or French, noting, especially the following elements:

  1. The full coordinates of the respondent;
  2. Qualifications and key competence areas;
  3. Experience and relevant  research, studies, and other undertakings carried out indicating when. Kindly indicate which undertakings were conducted for African institutions
  4. Indicate your areas of interest/ specialty 

Kindly note that the UCLG Africa is under no obligation to send a call to nor to select any respondent in any Call for the submission of tenders. This invitation is for the purpose of registration only for ease of reference for the UCLG Africa in the conduct of its work in Africa

Kindly send before 20 March 2015.

The full version of terms of refrence is available here

Source: UCLG-A