UCLG City of Bogotá Peace Prize: presentation and invitation to local governments to apply

On Thursday 19 November, the City of Bogotá (Colombia) hosted a conference to present the first edition of the UCLG City of Bogotá Peace Prize. The UCLG City of Bogotá Peace Prize is a triennial award for (a coalition of) local governments that have implemented initiatives in conflict prevention, conflict resolution or peace building, that are proven to have had a significant positive impact.

The prize aims to contribute to full acknowledgement of the important but often overlooked role of local governments as peace building actors, thus creating a more effective approach to conflict resolution. In situations of conflict, local governments have an important role to play: they have to ensure that service delivery towards citizens is in place despite the difficult context, and they need to promote and facilitate peace as an alternative to violent conflicts.

The Prize, will be awarded during the world congress of the international organization of UCLG, which will take place in Bogotá from 12 to 15 October 2016.

Nominated cases for the Peace Prize will be assessed by a high level expert jury. The winning local government will be awarded a modest prize package worth €20.000, aimed at strengthening its peace projects and facilitating learning and exchange with other local governments that are facing similar challenges.

On 19 November, the UCLG City of Bogotá Peace Prize was presented by the organizing partners (the City of Bogotá, VNG International, Province of Barcelona and PAX) to the media, international organizations, embassies and other interested parties.

Local governments can from now on apply for the prize through the website: peaceprize.uclg.org


In 2008, the UCLG Committee on City Diplomacy, chaired by the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG), organized the First World Conference on City Diplomacy in the Hague. This event recommended to launch a local government peace prize. This prize has taken shape in the UCLG City of Bogotá Peace Prize.

The Prize is supported by the City of Bogotá, the Provincial Council of Barcelona, the Dutch NGO PAX and VNG International, the international cooperation agency of the VNG.

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