UCLG committees enhance communication tools to improve collaboration within the global network

The UCLG Committee on Local Finance and Development and the Committee on Urban Strategic Planning have launched two new websites with the aim of improving communication, information sharing and collaboration within the UCLG network.

These new websites offer an interactive and dynamic interface and all the content related to the work implemented by the Committees. With these projects, the UCLG network can share knowledge and discuss topics of interest in the field of local finances and urban strategic planning, two areas of interest for UCLG members.

Both websites are considered a means of communication and sharing knowledge about the activities of the committees aiming to bring awareness on the tools for decentralization and local governance, the importance on Urban Strategic Planning and Local Finance on our way towards Habitat III and UCLG World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders to be held in Bogota in 2016.

Visit the websites by following these links: