We proudly present our new websites!

New websites

Over the past few months, we have been working on the redesign of www.uclg.org and the website of the Global Observatory on Local Democracy and Decentralization (GOLD). We have also been involved in the development of a new website for the Global Taskforce as well as for our Standing Committee on Gender Equality and the Global Observatory on Local Finance.

As a result, we have five modern and user-friendly websites dedicated to the UCLG network that can also be displayed optimally on smartphones and tablets. These websites will contribute to showcasing the global voice of local and regional governments.

What’s new on these websites?

► UCLG: www.uclg.org

A new design of the home page and two new pages dedicated to the UCLG Policy Councils and Waves of Action.

► Global Taskforce: www.global-taskforce.org

A complete restructuring of the website in line with the GTF corporate identity, including a new page dedicated to the World Assembly of Local and Regional Governments

► GOLD: www.gold.uclg.org

The GOLD reports, as well as other partner observatories of the UCLG network and publications of importance for local and regional governance, are strategically integrated into the new GOLD home page.

► A new website for our UCLG Standing Committee on Gender Equality: www.women.uclg.org.

Do you want to know what local and regional governments are doing to promote the participation of women at local level across the world? Check out this website and follow the latest information from the Standing Committee on Gender Equality.

► A new website for the Global Observatory on Local Finance : www.uclg-localfinance.org

On this website, you’ll find information on subnational governments around the world, the report “Structure and Finance” , as well as publications dedicated to local finance, country profiles summarizing the situation of local governments in 101 countries, financial instruments implemented by local governments, and a digital library.

We have made great efforts to improve our websites and thank the UCLG World Secretariat team for their collaboration and contributions. But have we succeeded? Your tips or comments to help improve them are more than welcome! Please share them with us via email at [email protected]