www.uclg.org revamped to celebrate 10 years!!

www.uclg.org revamped to celebrate 10 years!!

To mark 10 years since its creation, United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), the global network that represents and defends the interests of local and regional governments on the international scene, is launching a new version of its website - more intuitive, more modern, more user-friendly and complete with the latest content.

New look: Aesthetically the new website is more contemporary and the design, ergonomics and accessibility have been reworked to ensure the comfort of our visitors. The sleek and flexible site reflects the evolution in how we access information today.

Additional sections: We invite you to browse and rediscover the pages of the site that have been updated. Work is still on-going with the aim of improving, proportioning and updating content. New features will be aslo announced over the coming months.  

What do you think? We look forward to hearing your observations and/or suggestions concerning our new website. Don’t hesitate to share your views via: [email protected]. These will contribute to the evolution and further improvement of the uclg.org website and allow us to continue developing it over the coming months. 

We invite you to visit the site regularly to keep up-to-date with the latest news.

Welcome to the new look of UCLG !

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www.uclg.org revamped to celebrate 10 years!!