This year’s Local Government International Actions meeting focuses on the SDGs

From 9 to 10 October 2017, UCLG will participate in the 8th edition of “Local Government International Actions” held in Paris and organized by Cités Unies France (CUF, French United Local Governments) in partnership with the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, the French Development Agency (AFD), and the network PLATFORMA, with the support of the European Commission.

After the success of the 7th edition in 2016 that gathered more than 1500 participants, CUF is consolidating the Forum towards a new model entitled: “Local Government International Actions – Paris Meeting”; which aims to more accurately reflect the central role played by local governments in our interdependent world. 

The Forum will be established as a unique place for exchanges between the communities involved in international actions and their partners: States, NGOs, private companies, researchers, etc. It will also become a meeting place for many foreign communities.” Roland Ries, Mayor of Strasbourg, Co-President of UCLG and President of Cités Unies France

This annual event represents a moment of reflection on the strategy and challenges of decentralized cooperation. The 2017 edition will also promote the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through international action by local and regional authorities.

The programme of the meeting:

The President of UCLG, Mpho Parks Tau, will participate in the Plenary Conference on Tuesday 10 October, together with Roland Ries, Mayor of Strasbourg, Co-President of UCLG and President of Cités Unies France; Rémy Rioux, Director of the French Development Agency (AFD); and Louis Giscard d’Estaing, Member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Mayors of France (AMF); as well as presidents of other municipal groups

- Localizing the SDGs: What are the challenges for local and regional governments?

During these two days of exchanges, UCLG will organize a session on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). One of the main goals of this session is to facilitate the debate between the State and local and regional governments on the role of local authorities in the French monitoring and reporting process to the United Nations.

“To achieve the SDGs it is urgent to gather public authorities, local and regional governments, the private sector and civil society around a shared implementation strategy. The “localization” process of the SDGs and the role of local and regional governments is key if we want to achieve these goals by 2030. UCLG and CUF are committed to the promotion of integrated and inclusive territorial development, as well as the active participation of local and regional authorities in the monitoring and reporting process on the implementation policies at national level. The debate on the “localization” of SDGs has a double purpose: to show how local and regional authorities are acting and can act to integrate the SDGs into their strategies; and to open a debate with the State on the role of local authorities.” Edgardo Bilsky, Director of Research at UCLG

- From 9 to 10 October, various conferences will address key topical issues for local and regional governments, such as the influence and attractiveness of territories, climate, the territorial prevention and management of crises, the refugee crisis, and innovation, among others; 

- Cités Unies’ country-groups meetings will be held over the course of these two days; 

-  On 10 October PLATFORMA will organize a session on “The new Africa-EU partnership: which place for local governments?”

- In addition to the event, CUF will hold its annual General Assembly on 10 October;

- National and international stands will enable meetings between decentralized cooperation partners; 

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