Participatory democracy

The 18th IOPD Conference in Barcelona claims cities as the main spaces for democratic innovation

Democratic innovation in cities, key to renew the social contract

Call for proposals for Sessions at the IOPD International Conference in Barcelona

Each year, a local government member of the IOPD calls the International Conference to discuss, share experiences and reflect on the state of participatory democracy at local level.

La XVIII edición de la Conferencia del Observatorio Internacional de la Democracia Participativa se presenta como una oportunidad para reflexionar sobre cómo las ciudades desarrollan la Nueva Agenda Urbana y los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible (ODS) implicand

The future of cities cannot be decided without inputs from territories

On 24 and 25 September, the city of Morón, Argentina, hosted the Second International Assembly of the Forum of Peripheral Local Authorities (FALP) themed "Peripheral Cities, Future Territories".

On 15 September, International Democracy Day, local and regional governments commit to support a flourishing civil society

The message of International Day of Democracy 2015 is “space for civil society”, as a reminder of the role of a strong civil society in working for a better future and in holding governments to account.

IOPD Distinction Best Practice in Citizen Participation

The IOPD Distinction Best Practice in Citizen Participation seeks to recognize innovative experiences in the field of participatory democracy, coordinated by local governments, which may be susceptible to reply.


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