Urban 20

Invest in “green and just” recovery for cities, U20 urges G20 leaders

Urban 20 calls for G20 to support cities as the frontline of addressing the COVID 19 Outbreak

The letter calls for a coordinated response that is informed, influenced, and led by cities, highlighting the role of local and regional governments as the first responders to crises.

Urban 20 met in Tokyo for Mayors to bring cities’ views to the G20

The world is facing complex challenges and cities have a big say in the way societies are shaped and the global goals are achieved. It is in this spirit that cities came together at the Urban 20 Summit to convey local views to the G20 agenda.

2019 Urban 20 Mayors Summit to take place in Tokyo on 21-22 May

The 2019 Urban 20 Summit will be hosted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, led by Governor Yuriko Koike, building on the success of the first U20 Summit in Buenos Aires, which last year left an articulated platform to advocate for the inclusion of local perspectives in the G20 agenda.

Urban 20 Mayors Summit: Urban issues reaching the G20 agenda

It seeks to coordinate a joint position among the Mayors of G20 major cities to inform and enrich the discussions of national leaders at the 2018 G20 Summit, to be held in Buenos Aires in November.

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