Agenda 21 for Culture

Barcelona: host of the International Days on Cultural Rights.

During three days and a half, the City was the theatre of international debates, knowledge sharing and workshops on a wide range of issues revolving around the question of cultural rights, including cultural work and sustainability, diversities, participation and communities, and digital environm

La cultura como respuesta a los retos urbanos globales

La ciudad de Roma ha impulsado un amplio debate sobre la participación en la vida cultural de las ciudades, con la presentación de la Carta de Roma 2020, un documento sin precedentes promovido por Roma Capitale y la Comisión de Cultura de Ciudades y Gobiernos Locales Unidos (CGLU) y que, durante


The UCLG Culture Summit: the world's most important gathering on cities, culture and sustainable development

The Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (Argentina) will host the third UCLG Culture Summit on 3-5 April 2019. The City of Buenos Aires has been a pioneer in the development of cultural and creative industries in Latin America, which today represent almost 10% of its economy.

Cities and local governments lead the actions on the role of culture in sustainable development

Buenos Aires is a founding member of the UCLG Committee on Culture, and has extensively contributed to the work programmes of the Committee. It is the current Co-President of the Committee.

The city of Mexico hosts the 3rd ceremony of the International Award UCLG

Following the announcement of the winners of the 3rd edition of the Award during the UCLG Executive Bureau in Strasbourg on 25 May 2018, and under the leadership of Mexico City in recognising local cultu

Culture in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): A Guide for Local Action

The publication "Culture in the Sustainable Development Goals: A Guide for Local Action" aims to provide practical guidance to local and regional governments, civil society organisations, private organisations, culture and development professionals, and other sta

Call for candidates open for the UCLG Award - Mexico City - Culture 21

UCLG and the Committee on Culture are fully engaged in the search of a sustainable cultural development at local, national and international level.

Jeju Summit: World Cities and Networks Cooperate to Promote Culture in Sustainable Development

The world’s largest gathering of cities for culture closed today in Jeju, Republic of Korea, with the commitment to strengthen international collaboration to make culture a core area of approaches to sustainable development in cities.


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