Happy World Cities Day!

On the occasion of the World Cities Day 2017, UCLG President Parks Tau and UCLG Presidency wish a happy Cities Day




There is need to articulate global local government’s contribution towards attaining the objective of transforming our planet by creating prosperity and peace through partnership with international multi-lateral organisation. 
With our active participation internationally we recognise that  the achievement of the Global Goals is impossible without proper enabling environments that allow for the local governments and respective communities to be full partners in, both, policy development and implementation".  
Parks Tau, President of UCLG 
[Watch the video of UCLG President Parks Tau by @GlobalGoalsUN]
World Cities Day is an important recognition of our urban era and of the key role that cities play as drivers of development. We are ready to contribute to possitive transformation in partnership with the international community and civil society.
Happy Cities Day from the thousands of cities, their associations and city officials represented by UCLG around the world. We are committed to contributing towards a fairer, inclusive and peaceful world
UCLG Presidency