Meetings of UCLG Mediterranean Committee in Rabat World Summit

After the success of the 3rd Forum of Local and Regional Authorities of the Mediterranean (April 2013) whose proceedings will soon be available, the Mediterranean Commission of UCLG is preparing the “Rabat 2013” summit with two important events:

A meeting of its Political Council

The Mediterranean Commission of UCLG recently created its Political Council consisting of elected officials whose role is to give voice to Mediterranean local and regional authorities and to contribute to define the working guidelines of the Commission. The Political Council held its inaugural meeting in April in Marseille. During this meeting, Mr Boudra, President of the Taza-Al-Hoceima-Taounate region was elected president of the Council.

Council members will meet again on 2 October in Rabat where they will adopt a Charter in favour of local democracy in the Mediterranean.  Through this strong political action, Council members personally commit to uphold and defend the values of democratic governance.

A round table on the action of local and regional authorities in support of the dynamics of change in the Mediterranean

In continuity with the work accomplished during the Forum’s workshop in April, the Mediterranean Commission, the Development Cooperation and City Diplomacy Commission and the Near and Middle East Working Group of UCLG will organise on 3 October a session on the topic “local and regional authorities supporting the dynamics of change in the Mediterranean”. Reflecting the current political context in the Mediterranean, this session will be the occasion for elected officials and experts to express their opinion on:

- The permanent dialogue between local and regional governments of all Mediterranean countries.

- Capacity building of local and regional authorities, particularly in Tunisia and Libya.

- Support to local governments of countries bordering conflict zones: the role of local governments in countries sharing borders with Syria in the promotion of dialogue and peace building.

- The role of local governments in support of local Palestinian authorities, looking forward to support the process for the construction of a Palestinian State and the promotion of dialogue between Israeli and Palestinian municipalities.

- UCLG’s Peace Prize for peace building initiatives.


More information on the website of UCLG’s Mediterranean Commission.