UCLG Communiqué on solidarity with those looking for a better life and the situation in the Mediterranean

In view of recent developments around the world, the World Organization of United Cities and Local Governments would like to express it solidarity with all those that are forced to leave their home seeking a better livelihood and a secure place for their families.

The new website of the Mediterranean Commission is on line

With almost 5,000 visitors every month, the website is an actual resource centre that collects and makes available information, publications, the latest news and current events in the Mediterranean.

Take part in the Survey "Youth in the local dialogue”

The Mediterranean Committee collaborates with the Anna Lindh Foundation within the framework of the “DAWRAK– Citizens for dialogue” project. The DAWRAK programme launched by the Anna Lindh Foundation aims at building the capacity of civil society organisations and citizens in order to dev

Meetings of UCLG Mediterranean Committee in Rabat World Summit

After the success of the 3rd Forum of Local and Regional Authorities of the Mediterranean (April 2013) whose proceedings will soon be available, the Mediterranean Commission of UCLG is preparing the “Rabat 2013” summit with two important events:


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