Solidarity with Syrian local authorities

Solidarity with Syrian local authorities

Faced with the dramatic situation in Syria and in response to requests from local governments coping with the influx of refugees, the Middle-East Working Group decided to undertake a solidarity initiative.

 An assessment mission took place in March, aimed at visiting local and regional authorities welcoming Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey. Under the auspices of the President of UCLG, elected representatives from French, Turkish and Dutch local and regional authorities participated in the field visits, along with local practitioners from national associations.

The Syrian situation is not the first crises situation that UCLG members have addressed. The war in Kosovo, the Tsunami in Asia and the earthquake in Haiti also mobilised the membership of the World Organization. Driven by the interest in these events and the conviction that, regardless of the conflict or crisis, recovery starts by re-establishing local governments, it was proposed that UCLG establish a proper mechanism to both react to emergencies and to provide structural support gathering efforts of members.  

Read the Mission Report and recommendationsMay 2013