The new website of the Mediterranean Commission is on line

Commission Méditerranée de CGLU

With almost 5,000 visitors every month, the website is an actual resource centre that collects and makes available information, publications, the latest news and current events in the Mediterranean. The website has been redesigned, and we invite you today to discover its new version at:



You will find also the main work topics of the Mediterranean Commission for 2014-2016:

-          Dialogue with civil society
-          Youth education and training and their inclusion in the labour market
-          The global agenda in the Mediterranean
-          Diplomacy, in partnership with UCLG’s commissions and ad hoc working groups

As of September 2014, the Observatory of democratic governance in the Mediterranean, requested by the Political Council members,  will also be on line.

UCLG in Action: Mediterranean 

Commission Méditerranée de CGLU