UCLG Communiqué on solidarity with those looking for a better life and the situation in the Mediterranean

In view of recent developments around the world, the World Organization of United Cities and Local Governments would like to express it solidarity with all those that are forced to leave their home seeking a better livelihood and a secure place for their families.

The Mediterranean region is in the midst of one of those  human tragedies , with the deaths of hundreds of people every day. The Mediterranean has always been a link between civilizations and it should be kept in this way.

UCLG and its Mediterranean Committee and the working group on Migration condemn the action of traffickers in human lives, who exploit the misery and despair of the people contributing to tragedy and despair.

We ​call ​on States, on the European Union​,​ on the African Union and​ the​ United Nations to explore all possible solutions with a strong humanitarian approach​,​ aiming ​to avoid th​ese​ tragedies and to tackl​e​ the problem​s​ at the root​​. ​W​e further call on local and regional authorities​ to contribute in the most constructive and solidarity​-​driven approach possible​ to help ​to ​address the situation.

Cities have a long history of welcoming migration. Their prosperity and richness and cultural heritage is based on the diversity of their populations. If local authorities have the necessary policies available to accompany these experiences, they can be an asset to implementing inclusive policies, and can complement the humanitarian measures that must be ensured at national and regional level.

The issue of migration is a topic we need to see as a joint responsibility  and United Cities and Local Government is willing to support its members in developing policies and solutions.