UCLG World Cities Day Statement: Innovations and better life for future generations

World Cities Day

UCLG Celebrates World Cities Day by reminding that transformation that will need to be brought about in our development model will only be possible if it responds to the dreams and expectations of the communities and if collective responsibility is taken to adjust and make sacrifices on a fair, equal and sustainable basis.

Innovation is too often associated nowadays with advancements accessible to only a few. UCLG wants to underscore that the smartest innovations are those that empower citizens, and where innovation and technology is intrinsically linked to culture, ownership, and belonging no matter where you are from. It is imperative to cooperate in order to envision, together, how the future of work will look, and to make sure that technology becomes a net positive for our communities, and it will be up to all of us, together, to harness innovation with the purpose of achieving sustainability, rather than allow technology and innovation to shape how our societies look.

This World Cities Day, we want to also celebrate the International Day for the Right to the City, which we consider a cornerstone for equality and guaranteeing equal access to basic services for all. Local and regional governments have a critical role to play in the construction of inclusive and plural societies, and strive to contribute to a paradigm change to implement the concept of citizenship to that of neighbors, beyond borders, and regardless of origin.

It is only if we listen to our communities, to our cities, to our territories, who need to be at the center of the decision-making that we will ensure a sustainable future for all.

We look forward to bringing the spirit of World Cities Day to our World Congress, which will provide a platform for all stakeholders to share, listen, and review together, the policy solutions for the future, and to bring the municipal movement to the next frontier as we begin the implementation decade.