Women, Leadership and Development: from SDG5 to Habitat III

New report by the UCLG Standing Committee on Gender Equality highlights that the achievement of gender equality at local level will be essential to the success of the 2030, Habitat III and climate change agendas.

The new UCLG publication, "Women, Leadership and Development: from SDG5 to Habitat III", was presented at the 3rd Latin-American Summit of Local Agendas for Gender Equality: “Women and the City”, celebrated in Santiago, Chile from 18-21 January, 2016.

The report explores the role that gender equality at local level will play in the achievement of the major international development and sustainability agendas. It also summarizes the key conclusions of the session on "Women, Leadership and Development", held in Paris on 6 December, 2015 in the framework of the UCLG World Council and the COP 21.

We can't exclude half of humanity from political decision-making. We know equality can bring added value to our policy development and we are determined to bring about the change of mentality needed to achieve this."

Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris and President of UCLG Standing Committee on Gender Equality

Gender equality: a strategic priority for UCLG

Local and regional governments have a long track record of working internationally for gender equality, with a particular focus on increasing the representation of locally elected women and promoting the participation of all women in local decision-making. Currently, fewer than 5% of the world’s mayors are women and women make up an average of just 20% local councillors worldwide. More than ever before, UCLG is ready to lead by example on women’s empowerment, ensuring the representation of women at the highest levels of the organization.

Gender equality has long been a priority for UCLG and will get additional attention in the coming years. As UCLG Secretary General, Josep Roig, confirms in the report, gender equality "is not, and will never be, a marginal issue for UCLG".