The UCLG network teams prepare for the second edition of the annual retreat

From 15-19 February, 2016 UCLG will host the second edition of the Annual Retreat in Barcelona, the home of the organization’s World Secretariat. Following the success of last year’s edition, the 2016 Retreat will once again bring together representatives of UCLG sections, regions and committees.

The aim of this Retreat is to continue defining synergies between the actions of different parts of the network, in line with the objectives set out by the governing bodies, as well as laying   the groundwork for the 5th UCLG Congress that will take place from the 12-15 October, 2016 in Bogota and set the frame for the visioning exercise that will culminate in 2017.

As the inheritor of the international municipal movement, the greatest assets of UCLG are its members and the connections between them. The Retreat is an opportunity to bring this constituency together to ensure that the network addresses their concerns and priorities and provides the necessary capacity to face the many challenges of 2016.

The retreat will be a chance to  harness the power of our network and continue our work based on our collaboration and achievements over the past ten years, as well as increasing the visibility and impact of our work at all levels.

The programme will include discussions around the planning for the World Congress on the 16 and 17 Feb, a presentation of priorities and key issues from 2015 & 2016 on 17 and 18 Feb, a session to analyze the synergies and programming for 2016 on the 18 Feb afternoon, and a strategic and visioning exercise about the evolution of the World Organization on the last day, Friday 19 Feb.

For more info:

  • Stay tuned for updates from the sessions using the hashtag #UCLGMeets  
  • Visit the page dedicated to the Retreat.