Migración. migrant - 13/10/2022
Inspired by the experiences of the island of Lampedusa, this political document is a call for a new understanding of human mobility and for increased competences and capacities for local governments to play a role in dignified management of migration. (+)
Launch of the UCLG GOLD VI Report proposes ways for local authorities to champion equality
GOLD VI - 12/10/2022
Launch of the UCLG GOLD VI Report proposes ways for local authorities to champion equality. (+)
UCLG Culture summit - 06/08/2021
The fourth UCLG Culture Summit will take place on 9-11 September 2021 in Izmir, Turkey. Registrations are now open until 31 August 2021. (+)
CONSULTATIONS FOR THE UCLG PACT FOR THE FUTURE - Towards the UN Summit of the Future and the SDG Summit
pactforthefuture, future - 22/09/2022
Our world is at a foundational moment. The pandemic put us in front of an unprecedented scenario, but also gave us a renewed sense of purpose to deliver truly transformative action, to overcome the current levels of inequality, address the environmental crisis, and challenge the widening cultural divide. We understood that failing was not an option. (+)
The right to food in cities and regions at the UN Food Systems Pre-Summit
food, Alimentación - 04/08/2021
In the framework of the UN Food Systems Pre-Summit (26-28 July, 2021), the "Local public service provision and the right to food" parallel session, co-organized on 27 July, by UCLG, Barcelona World Capital of Sustainable Food 2021, Metropolis, UN-Habitat and the Women and Habitat Latin America and Caribbean Network, tackled the transformation of our models of production and consumption, and the need to root our food systems in solidarity, with care for people and the planet at the centre. (+)
Harnessing Universal Accessibility for Just, Equitable, & Diverse Communities
accesibilidad - 28/07/2021
From June 15th to the 17th, 2021 the United Nations held its 14th Conference of States Parties to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (COSP). The COSP is the official mechanism for review of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), the most swiftly ratified Human Rights Treaty in history. The CRPD represents a global imperative to realize the rights of over 1 billion persons with disabilities around the world and highlights the principle of Accessibility as the precondition to the full enjoyment of the rights enshrined within the Convention. (+)